Best business LED fluorescent replacement: Retrofitting as a solution

Entrepreneurs who want to switch from traditional fluorescent tubes to LED fluorescent lighting prefer to do so as cheaply as possible. Of course, the quality of the business work lighting must not be compromised in the process. D-Lighted has developed the ideal solution for this market segment. 

Deetronix LED retrofit modules are the best LED fluorescent replacement for both business end-users and installers. With retrofitting, the entire luminaire no longer needs to be replaced, but the existing voltage rails can be reused. The result is easy installation at lower costs. 

Whereas full LED installations require a large investment from the business end-user, a retrofit module As an LED fluorescent replacement, reuse the voltage rail of the original lighting. This is not only sustainable, but gives technicians the opportunity to take on more jobs. 

Given the recent phase-out of fluorescent tubes in the Netherlands, LED fluorescent replacements like the Deetronix retrofit module are a particularly great opportunity. Ask the team at D-Lighted (completely free of charge) about the details of our Deetronix product line and associated support: 

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Phasing out of business fluorescent lighting 

From 2023, all T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes will be phased out by government regulations, due to new European legislation. In practice, it means that traditional fluorescent lighting will no longer be allowed to be produced. 

The main motivation for the phase-out is the presence of the toxic substance mercury in fluorescent tubes. Moreover, this form of lighting consumes a relatively large amount of energy, which no longer fits in with government requirements for good working lighting. 

With the advent of LED technology, it has become possible to light workspaces in a sustainable way. LED fluorescent lighting can, in many cases, be a direct replacement option for the traditional fluorescent tube. In doing so, there is no need to make major modifications to the existing workplace lighting infrastructure. 

Through an efficient installation process like retrofitting, switching to LED fluorescent lamps is even possible while retaining the existing voltage rails. This makes it a financially interesting solution for business owners who need to make the switch to LED due to the recent phase-out. 

Retrofitting as an affordable solution  

Thanks to retrofitting, the government's 'mandatory' switch to LED fluorescent replacements is becoming a bit easier for the average business owner. This is because it is a quick, affordable solution that provides almost the same end result: high quality LED lighting. 

Professionals in the electrical engineering sector are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of retrofitting. If anything, it is the easiest way to switch to LED fluorescent lighting, as the existing voltage rails can simply be used again. 

This not only saves valuable time in the installation process, but will also make switching to LED fluorescent lighting a lot easier. After all, fewer operations and fewer components need to be modified when retrofit modules are chosen. 

As there are many different types of fluorescent tubes, in practice, compatibility can still sometimes pose a problem during installation. This is something we have taken into account with the Deetronix LED retrofit modules. Let's see what possibilities our retrofit LED fluorescent module can offer during installation. 

Why Deetronix LED retrofit modules? 

Compared to similar LED fluorescent replacements, Deetronix LED retrofit modules offer some practical advantages for the installer and (business) end-user: 

  • Compatibility: Ideal LED fluorescent replacement for any well-known brand (Regiolux, VEKO, Philips, Osram, Sylvania, Zumtobel, Rigi) and type (fluorescent light line, fluorescent luminaire, fluorescent tension rail, fluorescent recessed rail luminaire). Suitable for both TL-8 and TL-5 luminaires. 
  • Flexibility: Fully customise light modules, choose power via DIP switch (45W-75W), use the adjustable end caps to connect the module to the existing voltage rails. Various beam options are available (60/90/120 degrees, or double A-symmetrical), optionally also available in emergency version, or including honeycomb to reduce UGR (glare). New connectors are also readily available from our stock, and smart lighting technology (such as light sensors or timers) can easily be switched with the module. 
  • Quick installation: Deetronix retrofit light modules are fully Plug & Play, making it possible to install the module in existing voltage rails within 5 minutes. 
  • Standard compliant: Unlike converting existing fluorescent tubes (VSA bypass), Deetronix retrofit modules will retain their CE mark. As a result, the entire lighting system remains compliant for the purposes of the NEN 3140 standard. 
  • Quality: Deetronix modules use only the highest quality components. This ensures a good product for all parties involved. 
  • Warranty: We can offer a 7-year warranty on our Deetronix LED retrofit modules. 
  • Support: Unique is the ability for installers to get in direct contact with a D-Lighted consultant during office hours. We have extensive knowledge of our Deetronix product line and can assist in real-time with any installation issues. This includes the ability to supply replacement parts directly from our specialist stock, which we can often deliver the same day. 

A unique opportunity in the business market 

For installers in the electrical engineering sector, now is the perfect time to capitalise on the trend. The phasing out of traditional fluorescent lighting will only increase the demand for affordable LED fluorescent replacements. 

The business market is eager for a reliable alternative that allows replacing existing fluorescent tubes for a more economical option. Completely converting the existing lighting system is less attractive due to the high investment costs involved. 

This is precisely why retrofitting is such a unique opportunity. Anyone who can come up with a cheaper alternative to a completely new system for LED work lighting as an installer will have an edge over the competition. Moreover, D-Lighted is always ready to provide real-time advice when needed, to solve practical problems immediately. 

Meet the Deetronix product line 

Deetronix LED retrofit modules are the ideal LED fluorescent replacement for the business market. But our Deetronix product line includes several other products that can fulfil the sustainable lighting needs of businesses. 

Thus, in addition to retrofit modules, we also have surface-mounted LED linear modules, LED Tri-proof mini-modules, as well as complete premium LED light lines in our Deetronix product line. All of these can be delivered directly from our specialist stock. 

We would like to invite interested installers for a meeting. This can be done by telephone, or for example at our office in Zwaag (North Holland). Ask us about the possibilities and one of our staff will contact you personally as soon as possible:  

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