LED surface-mounted tri proof module - 60 cm

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Indestructible modules: IK09 impact resistance

Compact design: only 70mm wide

Optimum lighting performance: 140-160 Lm per watt

7-year warranty

Deetronix LED surface-mounted tri proof module - mini version


  • Dimensions: 578 x 69mm
  • Includes DIP switch 10W - 20W with 140 - 160 lumens per watt (1,400 - 3,200 lumens output)
  • DIP switch CCT 3000K / 4000K / 5000K warm white / neutral white / cold white
  • PC (polycarbonate) housing
  • Internal 5-wire cabling (linkable in line incl. switching wire & fixed power supply)
  • Unique end caps for quick installation
  • IP65 dust- and waterproof
  • IK09 impact-resistant (very robust)

View the specifications of LED tri proof mini

LED tri-proof modules - Mini version

In the demanding world of industrial and commercial lighting, a bright environment is more than just a practical necessity. LED lamps are an essential element in this, helping to determine productivity, safety, but also atmosphere, among other things. 

In environments where dust, water, dirt, or shock are the norm, reliable lighting should always remain as robust and compact as possible. Even in the most extreme indoor environments, good light modules must be able to continue to perform optimally. 

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    Powerful compact LED lighting

    The mini version of the LED tri-proof module is the perfect choice for professionals looking for a reliable, compact and efficient lighting solution. These powerful mini modules are designed to perform long-lasting in versatile conditions. 

    Whether in humid factory spaces, dusty department stores, or garages full of danger. These modules can handle it without a problem. This is not entirely coincidental, given the many types of indoor environments where our premium LED tri-proof mini modules are used. 

    This is due in part to the following robust features: 

    • Dustproof: With these modules, the LED lighting is protected from even the smallest particles. Our modules are therefore perfect for use in the dustiest workshops, warehouses and depots. This premium mini tri-proof surface-mounted module features an IP rating of 65. 
    • Waterproof: The LED tri-proof modules also stand their ground in damp factory halls or outside under a canopy. The IP65 classification makes the product splash-proof (not suitable for outdoor use in the rain). The product is also HACCP-compliant for use in the food industry.  
    • Shockproof: Vibration, shock or shaking is no problem for these light modules. The IK09 rating of this product guarantees an undisturbed light experience. This makes the modules perfect for use in environments with heavy machinery, above a workbench, or in garages. 

    Features LED tri-proof module mini

    Highly robust polycarbonate housing (IK09)

    Housing is fully dust- and waterproof (IP65)

    HACCP-compliant and guaranteed shatterproof

    Dimensions smallest version: 60 x 70 x 61 cm

    Comes with 7-year warranty as standard

    Available in three lengths (60 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm)

    Adjustable light colour (DIP switch 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K)

    Adjustable power (four-position DIP switch)

    Modular end caps, quick release without tools


    • A dimmable LED version is optionally available 

    Applications LED tri-proof mini modules 

    The multifunctional features of our LED tri-proof mini modules make them highly suitable for a wide range of environments. Compact light modules like these are also specially designed to be used in working environments with high lighting requirements. 

    However, it is important to mention here that the LED tri-proof modules in mini version are not intended to replace LED light lines with a voltage rail or mounting rail. For this, standard LED line lighting or retrofitting existing lighting is a better choice. 

    These robust surface-mounted luminaires in mini version are suitable for mounting on both ceilings and walls up to 6 metres high. The modules can be used either together as a continuous line or individually (standalone) are applied. This is commonly done in practice, for example, in one of the following environments: 

    • On the ceiling of a business hall 
    • Above workshops and workbenches 
    • Near a lubrication pit or lift bridge in car garages 
    • Under storey floors or system floors 
    • To facades or walls in working environments 
    • Under canopies or in a car park 

    LED tri-proof mini modules in practice 

    Existing customers of D-Lighted have already implemented the compact surface-mounted modules on a large scale. Below are some examples of projects we have had the pleasure of realising for Dutch entrepreneurs in recent years: 

    Maximum performance for minimum cost 

    Upgrading to high-quality LED lighting not only saves a lot on energy bills. It also greatly improves the quality of light in many situations. In practice, this can quickly yield some measurable benefits. 

    The right light modules can distribute light more evenly, but will also instantly make the immediate working environment a lot brighter. The right surface-mounted luminaires can thus boost productivity, atmosphere and safety in the working environment.  

    The increasingly stringent regulations for workplace lighting should not be overlooked either. Companies and organisations have to meet high requirements for lighting more often, which means that LED tri-proof modules are also in the area of compliance can offer an advantage. 

    Installation and maintenance

    Another attractive advantage of these LED tri-proof modules is the ease of installation. Thanks to WAGO quick connectors and special end caps, the luminaires are relatively easy to install by an installation engineer. These clever additions make installation easier, faster, as well as cheaper. 

    Nor should the maintenance savings be forgotten. Anyone opting for a robust surface-mounted luminaire will experience far fewer lighting failures. This saves replacement parts and labour costs. 

    Our LED tri-proof modules are generally very low-maintenance, which is nice to have in use over the entire life of the product. In fact, we are so sure of this that we can offer a nice guarantee scheme to all our customers.  

    The D-Lighted quality guarantee 

    Anyone who chooses LED tri-proof surface-mounted modules in mini version from D-Lighted will always receive a standard 7-year warranty on every purchase from us. Should anything unexpectedly go wrong with the quality of the product in the first few years of use, this can be quickly rectified at no extra cost. 

    Professional installation through D-Lighted is also easy to arrange. We have a large network of experienced installers and electricians ready in our database. There is always a local contractor with knowledge of our products available to complete the job as soon as possible. 

    Feel free to ask the D-Lighted team about the possibilities. We will answer specific questions as soon as possible and in a personal manner. Getting started immediately with our versatile LED tri-proof surface-mounted modules in mini version? Then contact us today (without any obligation) for more information: 

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