Retrofit LED universal module - premium

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Especially for high ceilings

Up to 150W of power

Suitable for > 5 metres

Full aluminium design

Deetronix LED retrofit line lighting module

Key features


  • Fits into existing voltage rail / light line of VEKO, Philips, Norton, Trilux, Regiolux etc., among others.
  • Adjustable end caps to fit both TL-5 and TL-8 light lines

Setting options

  • DIP switch for wattage: 25W - 80W
  • DIP switch for colour temperature: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), 5000K (cold white)


  • Lifud dimmable LED driver 1-10V included (DALI optionally available)
  • Sensor base included (sensor ready, sensor not included)
  • PC (polycarbonate) lens
  • Suitable for HACCP environments (shatterproof, food industry)
  • Different light beams available (30/60/90/120, standard 90 degrees)
  • Flicker-free


  • White aluminium housing
  • Including mounting clips with non-slip rubber
  • Including fall protection


  • DALI option available separately
  • Sensor not included

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Fits light lines from

Discover the Deetronix LED lighting module

Those who want to switch from the traditional Dutch fluorescent tube to LED light lines in a cost-efficient way can do so while retaining the original fluorescent fittings. A new light line module can be fitted in the existing voltage rail, simply in the original fluorescent tube fitting. We also call this process 'retrofitting'. 

Our Deetronix retrofit LED light lines are specially designed to be installed in existing fluorescent light lines of almost every known brand and type of fluorescent tube. By reusing existing light lines, switching to LED immediately becomes a lot more attractive. After all, LED lighting uses up to 70% less energy per light source! 

Deetronix light modules are an attractive way to switch to LED lighting: 

Features LED linear surface-mounted module

Direct to 70% reduced power consumption for lighting

Suitable for all common brands of fluorescent lighting light lines 

Noticeably better light quality and a brighter environment 

Higher colour fidelity for optimum light perception 

No more annoying flickering 

Easy plug-and-play installation in just 5 minutes 

Adjustable light colour (DIP switch 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K)

Adjustable power (DIP switch 50-75W or 100-150W)

To be used in combination with smart light sensors 

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    Retrofitting makes LED fun again


    Are you a business owner dreading investing in LED lighting? Thanks to retrofitting, investing in sustainable business lighting becomes a lot more accessible. In fact, with Deetronix retrofit modules, only the fluorescent light fitting is replaced, while the existing fluorescent light line can be reused.  

    Reusing original fluorescent light lines (or voltage rail) is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. Companies that opt for efficient Deetronix LED light modules can thus make the switch to energy-efficient business lighting in a relatively inexpensive way. 

    By using Deetronix LED retrofit light line modules, the lighting remains compliant with the applicable NEN3140 standard. This is in contrast to actively converting a fluorescent luminaire to make it suitable for LED fluorescent lighting. 

    With Deetronix continuous-row modules you never afraid to zijn that you compromise on quality. The LED modules are superior to traditional Fluorescent lighting. Enjoy optimum light quality, flexibility, minimal energy consumption, and a life which is up to 5 times longer. 

    Installation within 5 minutes per luminaire

    In less than five minutes, installation of the LED luminaire into the existing light line is complete. This quick and easy process makes it attractive to DIYers and professionals alike, saving them time and effort.

    The LED luminaire fits among others:

    • Philips TTX 400
    • Veko PNR
    • Zumtobel Tecton, ZX2
    • Trilux E-line, C-line
    • Norton NLS
    • Regiolux SDT

    Read more about the installation

    installation led light line fluorescent replacement

    Deetronix: The future of lighting

    The D-Lighted team has been successfully working on it for several years: an affordable solution that makes it possible for any entrepreneur to switch to economical LED lighting. After all, as classic fluorescent tubes are slowly but surely being phased out in the Netherlands, companies need to look for an alternative. 

    In practice, we also see that many first-generation LED fluorescent tubes are already in need of replacement. The Deetronix LED retrofit light line modules also offer many practical advantages over obsolete LED fluorescent lamps. For instance, many entrepreneurs get into a tangle with the CE mark, which is often dropped when converting. This is not the case with Deetronix LED retrofit continuous-row modules. 

    We know from experience that good business lighting is above all a balance between quality and price. To serve as many business customers as possible, we have therefore developed Deetronix LED modules. In them, sustainable business meets high quality lighting perfectly. 

    Cost savings

    Minimise your investment in LED lighting by old light lines of existing Fluorescent lighting reuse. You buy only the Deetronix LED retrofit light line module. 


    Deetronix modules fit most common Fluorescent types (T8 and T5). Geschikt for well-known brands such as Philips, Trilux, Veko, Norton, Zumbotel and Regiolux. 


    Save up to 70% energy per individual light source by switching on economical LED lighting technology, while enjoying superior light quality. 

    Ease of installation

    Installing Deetronix LED light line modules is not complicated. Replacing an old fluorescent luminaire takes no more than 5 minutes. The system is fully Plug & Play and can be used immediately after installation. 


    Adjust light colour and power with a convenient DIP switch. Deetronix modules come standard with a sensor, which can be set from the ground with a remote control (works up to 12 metres high). Modules are suitable in combination with smart sensors such as LED dimmers, motion sensors, timers and detection sensors. 

    Environmentally friendly

    Besides saving energy, reusing the light line and connector for the light source is a good choice for the environment. Contribute to the circular economy and use parts that still work again. Not only does it encourage sustainable business practices, but the process also helps save precious raw materials.


    In line with sustainability, longer life expectancy is also a factor. On average, Deetronix LED modules last up to five times longer than classic fluorescent tubes. This, too, is positive for the wallet and the environment.


    The Deetronix LED module complies with all applicable standard norms and requirements for Dutch entrepreneurs (e.g. NEN 3140). The existing CE mark does not expire when the LED module is replaced. The light line module also features quality marks such as RoHS, CB, EMC (TUV), ENEC and LVD (TUV). The A-quality LIFUD driver is SELV approved. The lens is made of polycarbonate, making it shatterproof and HACCP-compliant (suitable for the food industry).


    Deetronix retrofit LED light line modules can take a beating. They feature an IK impact resistance rating of 10. In addition, the retrofit LED module includes steel cable clips, which help prevent the module from falling out of a light line.

    Technical properties




    1-10V Dimmable

    Light colour

    3000K - Warm White , 4000K Neutral white , 5000K - Daylight white

    Light beam

    90 degrees

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