Retrofit LED universele module

This LED module allows you to convert your fluorescent light lines to LED light lines. By doing so, you will immediately save approximately 65% in power.

The LED modules fit into existing light lines of well-known brands such as Philips, Regiolux, Ridi, Trilux, Veko, Norton, Zumtobel, Trilux, Fluolite, Ludwig, Siteco .

 86,78 excluding VAT

Aantal Discount
100 - 500  83,31
501 +  79,84

Fits light lines from

Installation within 5 minutes per luminaire

In less than five minutes, installation of the LED luminaire into the existing light line is complete. This quick and easy process makes it attractive to DIYers and professionals alike, saving them time and effort.

The LED luminaire fits among others:

  • Philips TTX 400
  • Veko PNR
  • Zumtobel Tecton, ZX2
  • Trilux E-line, C-line
  • Norton NLS
  • Regiolux SDT

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led light line smart

Make lighting smart

The LED luminaire is dimmable as standard and optionally expandable with a motion sensor.

Simply making lighting smart opens up a world of possibilities. The future of lighting is here!

Adjust the brightness

The power output of the LED module can be set by means of a DIP switch. This makes it possible to adjust the light output of the luminaire as required.

Select the right light colour

Each LED module can be set in the light colour 3000K/ 4000K or 5000K. This makes it possible to customise the lighting environment.

Expandable with emergency lighting

In most rooms, emergency lighting is mandatory or at least wise. The lighting system can be extended with emergency luminaires where they are required.

Technical properties




1-10V Dimmable

Light colour

3000K - Warm white, 4000K Neutral white, 5000K - Daylight white

Light beam

90 degrees

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