Replacing fluorescent tube with LED: Preserving the CE mark

Safe business lighting is guaranteed by inspections and quality marks. If fluorescent luminaires have been converted to LED fluorescent lighting in the past, problems may still arise. Maintaining the CE mark is a common pain point here.

Installers who retention of the CE mark want to guarantee for their customers, often opt for replacing the entire LED luminaire. If Deetronix LED retrofit modules, then the seal of approval is also maintained by choosing retrofitting only.

To avoid insurance issues, it is essential for business end-users to use LED lighting that is in accordance with applicable NEN standards is installed. NEN 1010 (safety of electrical installations in low-voltage networks) and NEN 3140 (functionality of lighting installations) are relevant in this context.

The Deetronix LED product line for the business market is designed with current regulations in mind. D-Lighted makes it easy for installers and end users to ensure the maintenance of safety features (such as the CE mark).

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Converting fluorescent tube to LED

With the advent of the first generation of business LED fluorescent lighting, many Dutch entrepreneurs switched to the economical LED fluorescent alternative over the years. After all, the savings emanating from LED technology were no small thing. On average, some 70% of energy savings could be achieved compared to the classic fluorescent tube.

However, when replacing fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED lighting, conversion is not easy. In practice, businesses that switched to LED fluorescent often lost their existing labels (such as the CE mark). Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED fluorescent therefore created a big risk for the entrepreneur.

Companies without the right labels for work lighting expose themselves unnecessarily to safety risks, as well as insurance issues. After all, a converted LED fluorescent tube without the mandatory CE mark is not guaranteed to be safe. Without an official quality mark, the lighting does not meet the essential requirements set by the European Union.

Maintain CE marking when replacing to LED fluorescent tubes

The responsibility of maintaining the CE mark ultimately lies with the party performing the lighting conversion. When converting classic fluorescent lighting to LED fluorescent tubes, the CE mark is lost in many cases. However, this can easily be avoided.

There are actually three different options to ensure the retention of the label and remain compliant with existing regulations:

  1. Replacing entire LED luminaire: The most common (but also the most expensive) method is to replace the entire fluorescent luminaire for a new LED luminaire, which has an existing CE mark. This never creates problems around maintaining the label.
  2. Converting fluorescent luminaire to LED with explanation: A fluorescent luminaire is converted to LED fluorescent luminaire by a recognised installer. After this, the fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED fluorescent tubes, provided a declaration of conformity is issued by the installer guaranteeing CE marking after conversion.
  3. Deetronix LED retrofit modules: Avoid the issue of lost labels by choosing to use Deetronix modules for the retrofit process. This allows meeting the existing requirements belonging to modern LED fluorescent lighting in an economically attractive and environmentally friendly way.

Why Deetronix LED retrofit modules?

For both the end user and the installer, Deetronix LED retrofit modules are an attractive choice. These advantages go beyond simply maintaining the CE mark. Of course it is important to meet requirements around safety, but this is certainly not the only reason to choose this product.

D-Lighted designed the module specifically from market demand, intended to eliminate some practical problems, including the following aspects:

  • Light efficiency: Deetronix LED retrofit modules have a very high light efficiency that lies between 160 and 180 lumens per watt (compared to the average which lies between 100 and 150 lumens per watt). As a result, relatively little energy needs to be used for high light output.
  • Ease of installation: Install a module on an existing voltage rail in just 3 to 5 minutes. This allows rapid replacement of large volumes of existing (LED) fluorescent tubes at a customer's premises.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for replacing both TL-5 and TL-8 luminaires. The modules can be used for virtually all common brands. Think of brands such as Trilux, VEKO, Philips, Regiolux, Norton, Siteco, Fluillite, RIDI and many more.
  • Smart lighting: The module is sensor-ready and features a built-in sensor base. This allows for very quick and easy sensor placement during (and after) installation. Examples include motion sensors, timers, and similar saving sensors. This can provide another 70% of energy savings for the end user.
  • Maximum lifespan: The high-quality LED driver is easily replaceable. This allows longer use of an LED fluorescent tube. This fits in well with the concept of sustainable business and also saves investment costs for the end user.
  • Adaptable power: As required, a DIP switch allows power adjustment. This allows quick response to any situation with the same product.
  • HACCP-capable: Business customers in the food industry facing higher safety requirements. Deetronix LED retrofit modules are suitable for all HACCP environments.
  • Dimmable: Modules are supplied dimmable as standard (1-10V, DALI optional), offering great energy savings and user-friendliness.
  • Warranty: Receive a standard 7-year warranty on Deetronix LED retrofit modules. If used for more than 16 hours a day, a 5-year warranty is offered on the modules.

Receive professional support from D-Lighted

Helping businesses switch from fluorescent tubes to LED fluorescent lighting does not have to be a costly or complicated operation. Practice shows that when Converting from TL to LED are often problems with maintaining the CE mark. This can cause insurance issues.

With Deetronix LED retrofit modules, problems like these are a thing of the past. Installers can also receive personal, professional support from D-Lighted during the installation process. This streamlines the installation and makes the process accessible and stress-free.

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