Converting fluorescent tubes to LED: A golden opportunity for installers 

Surely the days of the classic fluorescent tube are now well and truly over. But that, for installers, contractors and electricians, is just cause for a little celebration. Indeed, many companies and organisations want to convert their old fluorescent tubes to LED lighting as soon as possible in the coming years. 

With the transition to a more sustainable alternative, there is also a lot of friction present for the average business owner. Investing in a complete lighting system for LED line lighting is not immediately financially feasible for every company. This is exactly why retrofitting existing voltage rails can be an interesting alternative. 

Converting from fluorescent to LED is an opportunity that will be in high demand mainly in the upcoming period. At D-Lighted, we therefore have, among other things, the Deetronix LED retrofit module developed. Those who, as installers, want to be sure of a steady stream of business customers can join D-Lighted's network (free and without obligation):  

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Entrepreneurs want to convert fluorescent to LED 

The phase-out of fluorescent lighting has started since 1 September 2023. On this day, the government regulation went into effect that permanently stopped the production of new fluorescent tubes. As more and more work lights reach the end of their life phase, the demand for LED alternatives automatically rises as well. 

After the classic incandescent lamp and the halogen lamp, line lighting must also switch to the sustainable LED alternative. With the supply of new fluorescent tubes slowly dwindling to zero, it is all hands on deck for installers.  

Left and right, large Dutch companies are investing massively in LED lighting. It makes financial sense, especially with the high energy prices in the last few years. Yet it is not always feasible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to cough up the cost of a new LED line lighting installation. 

Even with government subsidies and incentives, business owners are looking for the cheapest way to replace their fluorescent lighting. D-Lighted has been trying to shout it from the rooftops for some time now: "Choose retrofitting as much as possible to reduce those high investment costs of a completely new lighting system!" 

High investment costs as a barrier 

LED line lighting is in many cases the most logical alternative to fluorescent tubes. It is cheap in consumption and fills a similar function at the work plane. Yet buying a completely new lighting system is quite a costly investment for many small and medium-sized businesses. 

There is only one good alternative to high investment costs in a new lighting system. Retrofitting existing voltage rails to accommodate new LED work lights. This way, it is a lot cheaper for entrepreneurs to make the step to LED technology. After all, existing lighting system components can be reused. 

It is up to the electrical engineering sector to flesh out the transition in practice. With most companies having adopted LED work lighting, now the last group must also change tack. It represents a unique opportunity where potential customers will require installation services on a large scale. 

Retrofitting as a unique opportunity 

However, the time to make the switch to LED is limited. After all, the life expectancy of the last generation of fluorescent tubes is not infinite. Retrofitting existing work lighting is therefore a unique opportunity right now, which we won't see again in this form any time soon. 

Deetronix LED retrofit modules from D-Lighted fill the demand that the latest group of 'sustainable switchers' are looking for. A high-quality, complete LED module that can be installed relatively quickly (and therefore cheaper). 

We therefore encourage installers to embrace Deetronix as an attractive alternative to a complete LED light line installation. In fact, the modules offer the necessary advantages over a larger investment in LED light lines. Let's take a look at why this is the case. 

Why Deetronix LED retrofit modules? 

It is interesting for installers in the electrical engineering sector to get started with our Deetronix LED retrofit modules for several reasons: 

  • Best affordable alternative: The customer saves significantly on investment costs by cleverly reusing parts in the lighting system that are already installed. Consider retaining the existing voltage rails and connectors. 
  • Huge energy savings: After installation, up to 70% energy consumption is reduced compared to traditional fluorescent tube. This significantly reduces the consumption cost per light source. 
  • Suitable for any brand: Also crucial is the fact that almost every known brand and type of fluorescent tube can be used in combination with Deetronix LED retrofit modules. From Regiolux to Philips and from VEKO to Zumbotel and many more!). 
  • Quick installation: Deetronix is a simple 'Plug & Play' module, so installation can be carried out in just a few minutes. Allow on average 5 minutes of installation time per light source. 
  • Premium parts: Deetronix uses only the best components on the market. These include a BOKE A-quality driver, polycarbonate HACCP-compliant lens, but also the high light output (net 160 lumens per watt). 
  • Suitable for lower mounting heights: Optionally available with honeycomb to lower the UGR to 16. This is ideal for low mounting heights or high glare levels. 
  • Adjustable end caps: Deetronix modules always fit securely to the existing voltage rail thanks to practical adjustable end caps. 
  • Flexible settings: The module features a DIP switch for both the light colour (3000K-5000K) and setting the optimum power (45-75W) for the environment. 
  • Optionally dimmable: If desired, customers can order the dimmable variant of the module to set the brightness level themselves as required. This also helps further reduce energy consumption and extend the product's overall lifetime. 
  • Suitable for smart light sensors: Insert a smart light sensor into the module's convenient sensor bar. To be used in combination with sensors such as a motion sensor, timer, or daylight sensor. 
  • Optional emergency version: Customers specifically looking for replacement for emergency lighting can optionally receive Deetronix retro modules as emergency lighting modules. 
  • In accordance with NEN3140: Unlike standard VSA rerouting, retrofitting with Deetronix modules poses no problem for the loss of (among other things) the CE mark. As a result, no insurance problems arise. 
  • Warranty: As standard, our Deetronix LED retrofit modules come with a 7-year warranty for every customer. 

Finding new customers at D-Lighted 

Working with the lighting experts at D-Lighted makes it easier than ever for independent installers in the electrical engineering sector to find new business customers. We connect buyers of our Deetronix LED retrofit modules with a suitable on-site installer. 

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