Aluminium grill for LED linear surface-mounted line lighting - White

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White, aluminium grill for the Deetronix LED linear surface-mounted line lighting module to protect the lens. Also lowers the UGR to <16.


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Especially for high ceilings

Up to 150W of power

Suitable for > 5 metres

Full aluminium design

Grill for LED linear surface-mounted line lighting - White

Aluminium grill finished in white for the Deetronix LED linear surface-mounted line lighting module to protect the lens (suitable for e.g. sports complexes). This also reduces the UGR to <16.

Key features

  • Protects the lens. (For example, against dust in a production hall).
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Aluminium

View the specifications of LED surface-mounted module

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LED linear surface-mounted module: Perfect for high ceilings

The highest spaces deserve the highest quality robust LED lamps. With this surface-mounted LED linear module, even large factories, warehouses, sports halls, or event halls with extra-high ceilings can be provided with adequate lighting.

The surface-mounted LED linear module is the perfect solution for durable lighting in spaces from 6 metres or higher. The module is made entirely of aluminium and has an IP54 rating, making it dust- and splash-proof. The IK10 rating ensures full shock resistance.

The secret is the powerful built-in lens and the adjustable power (up to a maximum of 150W), which efficiently bundles the light produced. Our surface-mounted module makes it possible to force light downwards in a targeted manner, without loss of light at high altitude.

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    High ceiling? No problem!

    Surface-mounted LED linear modules are specially designed to produce uniform light in extra-high spaces. Thanks to the adjustable lens angle, the high-altitude light beam can be easily adjusted as required to meet the specific needs of the environment.

    Getting sufficient light on the floor requires quite a lot of power and strength. After all, it is important to get the right brightness and light colour in a relatively large room. The surface-mounted module takes this into account, as its power output can be chosen. The maximum power is 150 watts (around 24,000 lumens of light production).

    The aluminium profile of the surface-mounted module helps dissipate any excess heat from the powerful module easily. Other external influences are also no problem for this surface-mounted module. The light is extremely robust and can withstand dust and moisture.

    Features LED linear surface-mounted module

    Made entirely of lightweight aluminium

    Dimensions L x W x H: 1205/1460mm x 107mm x 64.8mm

    Very robust shockproof housing (IK10)

    Module is completely dust- and splash-proof (IP54)

    Polycarbonate lens in angle of 40/60/90/120 degrees

    HACCP-compliant and guaranteed shatterproof

    Adjustable light colour (DIP switch 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K)

    Adjustable power (DIP switch 50-75W or 100-150W)

    Equipped with sensor base for smart lighting

    Available with aluminium white-coated protective grill

    Interconnectable with 5x2.5mm2 internal cabling

    Unbreakable modules

    Anyone who plays sports in a gym knows that sometimes balls fly against the ceiling lights. In an event hall, crowds and music can cause hefty vibrations. In a production hall, excessive dust can build up. It is all no problem for our linear surface-mounted modules.

    The extremely robust housing the light modules come in features a very impressive IK10 rating. This means that the module has maximum resistance to external impact force (up to 20 Joule).

    The assembly can also be additionally equipped with a protective aluminium grill, which is very practical in a sports hall, for example. The white-coated aluminium grill does not stand out and will never adversely affect the performance of the surface-mounted modules.

    In addition, this surface-mounted module has an IP54 rating. This coding stands for completely dust-proof and splash-proof lighting. This allows the modules to be used on pool or factory ceilings without any problems. The food industry, which has to deal with HACCP certification, can also use these shatterproof light modules.

    LED surface-mounted luminaire-with-grille

    Motion sensor

    When someone is in the movement zone around the surface-mounted module, the lighting automatically jumps on (or it is made brighter). If there is no movement in the room, the light is dimmed or switched off after a few seconds.

    Daylight sensor

    Lighting automatically turns off or is dimmed when daylight has made the room bright enough. Uses light detection in the immediate area.

    Time switch

    Automatically switch lights on or off at pre-programmed times and days. Useful when fixed opening or working hours are used.

    Smartphone app

    Control lighting manually remotely by connecting it to a smart smartphone application. Turn on lights permanently when the first workers arrive, or switch off lights yet to be switched off from home.

    Installation and maintenance

    A nice feature of this surface-mounted module is the ease of both installation and maintenance. This is because the light module can be easily opened by an installation technician without tools. This makes high-altitude installation much safer, easier, but also faster.

    Compared to other forms of surface-mounted lighting, this LED module is relatively low-maintenance. This is because high-quality LED technology like this experiences few failures or problems. Expect to achieve between 50,000 and 100,000 burning hours per light source. During this period, no to very little maintenance is generally required.

    Those who want to make sure the installation is carried out by a technician who is familiar with the product can use D-Lighted's network. We always have a wide network of approved installers ready to serve our customers.

    Professional lighting from D-Lighted

    Whether in a warehouse, factory hall, stadium, or sports hall: surface-mounted LED linear modules are the right efficient lighting for ceilings higher than 6 metres. The uniform light distribution of the lens ensures that the light will always reach the right place.

    The choice of a robust impact-resistant IK10 module with aluminium grill makes this lighting system simply indestructible. Moreover, this premium light module has an IP54 rating, which means the system is completely dust- and splash-proof.

    The team at D-Lighted likes to think along with customers' wishes. Our experienced lighting experts are happy to provide personal advice. We also regularly help our customers find professional installers for our products, thanks to our wide network across the country. Ask us about the possibilities today.

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