Deetronix End cap for LED line lighting

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End cap for line lighting for finishing and protecting the light line. Colour: white. Made of plastic.


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Dimmable LED line lighting

Flexible modular lighting system

Robust and complete package


Deetronix End cap for LED line lighting

Deetronix end cap for LED line lighting, colour white and made of (plastic).

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Deetronix LED line light: the ideal economical work lighting

Meet Deetronix LED line lighting: a complete, versatile and modular system suitable for almost any business lighting need. The product consists of an 8-wire power rail, matching LED module, blind plates, connection box, steel cables and an end cap. 

These economical Deetronix line lights are fully dimmable, highly efficient and available in various colours, lengths and wattages. Thanks to the different lenses and the wide selection of expandable modules, the lighting can easily be customised. 

Besides flexibility, compatibility is also a key consideration with Deetronix LED line lights. The product features multiple power supply channels, ensuring that the power supply is always in order. The phase shifter also makes selecting optimum power very easy. 

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    Multi-purpose complete LED lighting system

    High light output at particularly low energy consumption. With Deetronix LED line lighting, the working environment is once again completely safe and future-proof. The multi-purpose light system is expected to last up to 100,000 burning hours. 

    In almost any sector, this low-maintenance line luminaire can make a positive difference. This is due to the versatile, easily customisable components included as standard. There need be absolutely no doubt about the completeness of Deetronix LED line lighting. 

    Those looking for a sustainable, multi-purpose alternative to existing work lighting (such as traditional fluorescent tubes) choose the convenience of this product. Customers can make use of the nationwide installation service offered by D-Lighted. There is always a professional nearby in our network of installers. 

    Features Deetronix LED line lighting

    Robust and very complete lighting system

    Save thanks to efficient lighting (180 - 200 lm/W)

    Smart modular design for quick installation

    Supplied including 8-wire power rail

    With phase shifter to adjust power

    Dimmable as standard for maximum energy savings

    Available with module for emergency lighting

    Select the ideal light colour yourself (2700K - 6500K)

    Different types of lenses are available


    • A dimmable LED version is optionally available 

    For whom is LED line lighting the right choice?

    The diversity and modular nature of Deetronix LED line lighting makes it the ideal choice as work lighting for entrepreneurs. Whether in workshops, industrial environments, shops or offices, this multi-purpose lighting system can be widely deployed.

    Looking for high light output at minimal energy consumption? Chances are, LED line lighting is the ideal solution. D-Lighted supplies complete lighting systems that are easy to install. Once the lights are hanging, the maintenance required over their entire lifespan is minimal.

    Because of the diversity of applications, our LED line lighting is used in many different ways. Our customers therefore come from almost all sectors. In practice, Deetronix LED line lighting is often used in one of the following (mostly business) environments, among others:

    - On the ceiling of a large industrial hall

    - In shops such as DIY stores or garden centres

    - For use in warehouses or distribution centres

    - As general lighting or task lighting in offices

    - For highlighting work areas in industry

    Deetronix LED line lighting in pictures

    In recent years, we have had the pleasure of installing LED line lighting at a wide selection of business customers in the Netherlands. Below are a few real-life examples, which help illustrate the diversity of Deetronix LED line lighting:

    Optimal savings with LED technology

    Thanks to its impressive 180 to 200 lumens per watt, Deetronix LED line lights rank among the most efficient choices in LED technology. This means relatively low energy consumption for relatively high brightness.

    No worries about too much light due to high brightness - our Deetronix LED line lights come with a convenient dimming function as standard. This allows the right brightness and atmosphere to be set at any time, depending on specific requirements and surroundings.

    Moreover, the LED dimmer helps to further reduce the overall energy consumption per light source. It is a convenient function for optimising energy savings. Indirectly, the dimmer thus also helps to increase the life expectancy of the lighting system. This is a smart way of getting the most out of lighting.

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    Quick installation, minimal maintenance

    The great strength of Deetronix LED line lighting is its installation method. Due to its modular nature, the lighting system is not only very versatile, but can also be installed on site a lot easier (and therefore at lower installation costs). 

    No complicated tools are needed to install the lighting system. This is partly due to the fact that the power cables are already integrated into the voltage rail. This makes the installation process a matter of three easy steps: 

    1. Fixing the voltage rail to the ceiling 
    1. Arrangement of the LED luminaires in the track 
    1. Connecting the rail to the mains supply 


    After installation, the lighting can be put into operation immediately. The very robust design minimises possible damage and component failure, meaning that maintenance will almost never be needed over the product's lifetime.  

    Discover LED line lighting from D-Lighted

    Because we stand behind our product, every customer ordered from D-Lighted receives a nice guarantee scheme as standard. Deetronix LED line lighting always comes with a 10-year warranty. Moreover, it is possible to try out the product on a small scale first. This way, we gladly remove all doubts. 

    Purchasers can make use of our network of installers, who have experience with our LED line lights. The coverage of this installation service is nationwide, so there is always an installer nearby. 

    Many satisfied customers are already using Deetronix LED line lighting to their full satisfaction. D-Lighted's experienced team is therefore confident that the lighting system can make a positive difference in many more places. We are ready to get started: 

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