Is retrofitting with LED lighting worthwhile? 

Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting is a smart idea in many cases, because compared to old bulbs, it often results in big savings. A smart method of replacing your existing fluorescent tubes with new LED fluorescent lighting, for example, is to 'retrofit' them. 

LED retrofit modules are light sources that are installed in already existing luminaires. Retrofitting luminaires with LED lights can be worthwhile if you want to save on lighting consumption costs. Always make sure that the old luminaire is compatible with the new LED light source. 

In addition to financial savings, the quality of light can also be greatly improved by switching to LED technology. The production quality of the LED modules makes a big difference here. At D-Lighted, we use professional, high-quality Deetronix retro LED modules, where you can be sure of high quality. 

For business owners with a large amount of old lighting, the process of retrofitting is an attractive choice. D-Lighted's lighting team will be happy to help you with this. Are you interested in receiving personalised advice on retrofitting your existing lighting? Then contact us with no obligation and tell us your requirements: 

LED retrofit modules: The perfect solution 

Many companies and organisations still operate with old, inefficient fluorescent tubes. This was fine for many years, but is now really out of date. Yet for many business owners and managers, it will not always fit into the budget to completely replace this wasteful lighting with new systems. 

A financially attractive solution is to opt for retro LED modules, for example with the professional Deetronix LEDs we use at D-Lighted. With this, you are definitely not opting for 'lower quality'. The light sources are of the same quality as in completely new LED lighting. 

The big difference is the retention of the old luminaires. This is simply the housing for the current light source. Retrofitting involves removing this old lamp and replacing it with a completely new LED example. This allows you to make huge savings in the energy consumption of the individual lamp. 

When is retrofitting worthwhile? 

Retrofit LED modules are worthwhile when you want to invest in LED lighting in the most affordable way possible, without having to compromise on quality. By reusing existing luminaires, a large-scale investment in new LED lighting becomes a lot cheaper. It will also greatly improve light quality and lamp life. 

Lighting retrofitting is therefore especially attractive for business owners and managers who want to reduce their energy and maintenance costs for lighting. With a relatively small investment budget, you can immediately benefit from installing new, energy-efficient LED modules. 

The greater the energy demand for lighting, the more gains can be made in terms of energy costs. Over 80% energy savings are not uncommon when switching from classic fluorescent tubes to modern retro LED fluorescent lamps. 

With a short payback period of one or several years (depending on your configuration), it is interesting for all large-scale consumers to consider retrofitting. This not only allows you to make large savings quickly, but also to enjoy better lighting quality. Provided your old luminaires are suitable for retrofit LED modules. 

Retrofitting: Not for every situation 

It should be emphasised that Deetronix retrofit LED modules will not be suitable for every situation. First of all, they are LED modules intended for old luminaires. If you already have modern LED luminaires, then retrofitting will not be suitable for your situation. 

In addition, the new LED light sources may not be at all compatible with the old luminaires. An incorrect pre-switch or the wrong type of fitting can make it difficult to use LED retrofit modules. Major damage or ageing to existing luminaires can also prevent retrofitting. 

In addition, adding LED dimmers or motion sensors (to save energy) may not always be suitable for the old luminaires. If you have the specific desire to use smart saving lighting, it may not be worth making the changes in this way. 

Several incompatibility problems can be fixed relatively quickly by replacing parts or adjusting them manually. However, this can potentially affect installation costs. But it is good to know that incompatibility need not always be a problem. 

Professional, fast installation 

The nice thing about retrofitting is the ease of the installation process. No new fixtures need to be installed, which is cheaper and will be a lot easier practically. In doing so, the installation process will be quick and painless. 

While employees continue to work on your shop floor, our installation team can help you replace existing lighting one by one with economical Deetronix LED modules. Our technicians quickly detect any compatibility issues for you. 

Because the process is quick and easy, you as an entrepreneur can fully focus on your own work. That quickly saves a lot of time and effort. Moreover, our LED modules can last up to 70,000 hours, which means that maintenance and replacement of LED lamps need not be a headache for years to come. 

Deetronix retro LED modules from D-Lighted 

Retrofitting your existing lighting is definitely worthwhile in many cases. It is not only a sustainable solution for your lighting modules, but above all a financially attractive choice. The retrofit process helps you save on new lamps and reduces your energy costs. But you also save considerably on additional installation and maintenance costs. 

For business owners who still widely use classic fluorescent lighting, Deetronix retro LED modules are a logical choice. Not only will you save a lot of money, but also the light quality will improve a lot in many cases. Never again will you suffer from annoying flickering or buzzing in your fluorescent tubes! 

Of course, there are also situations where retrofit is less suitable, but these are mostly exceptions. The majority of business owners still using classic fluorescent tubes will benefit greatly from retrofit modules. 

Does retrofitting sound like an interesting solution for making your lighting more sustainable? Would you like to use economical LED technology quickly and painlessly? If so, ask the experienced lighting team at D-Lighted today (no obligation) about the possibilities: