Electrical engineering trend: companies replace fluorescent lighting with LED

The world of electrical engineering never stands still. A new trend has emerged in recent years: more and more Dutch companies are replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting. Enterprising electricians and installers may be able to make a big deal out of this. 

Entrepreneurs and managers are increasingly replacing their old fluorescent tube lighting for energy-efficient LED fluorescent lighting or line lighting. This is not only due to the high energy prices, but is mainly caused by the recent ban on the sale of new fluorescent tubes (since February 2023), according to experts. 

Due to the relatively limited lifespan of fluorescent lighting (maximum 5 to 10 years), an explosive demand for LED fluorescent lighting or retrofit LED modules is expected in the coming years. As the 'classic' fluorescent tube is no longer available, companies are forced to switch to energy-efficient alternatives. 

Those working in electrical engineering can already use the emerging trend to gather more customers. D-Lighted helps connect electricians and installation engineers with interested Dutch companies.

From fluorescent tube to LED fluorescent lighting 

It is no secret that the classic fluorescent tube has been on the wane for several decades. The old familiar flickering work light is no longer the best choice with the advent of modern LED technology. But as with any new technological trend, it takes time for mass adoption to become a reality. 

Meanwhile, even the Dutch government is convinced that LED work lighting is the future. After all, it is the only serious alternative to the fluorescent tubes that are currently being actively phased out. Their production has no longer been allowed since 23 February 2023. 

Entrepreneurs and organisations therefore have to look for alternative lighting options. Not every company is eager to do so, as replacing an entire lighting installation can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there is also the option of retrofitting. In this light, D-Lighted has developed the Deetronix LED retrofit modules. 

While retaining the existing voltage rails of fluorescent tubes, Deetronix retrofit modules can easily be installed by an installer. Converting fluorescent tubes to LED line lighting is many times cheaper, more sustainable and easier to install. An individual Deetronix LED module can replace a fluorescent tube in just a few minutes. 

Opportunities for the electrical engineering sector 

Companies have had the option of opting for economical LED fluorescent lighting for many years. So why has the perfect opportunity for the electrical engineering sector arisen just now? It has everything to do with the government's new measures. 

Whereas we first had to compulsorily say goodbye to the classic incandescent lamp, it is now the fluorescent tube that can be labelled as past glory. The government has banned the tubular fluorescent lamp once and for all. The main motivation for this was the toxic substance mercury present in the lighting. 

The ban on fluorescent tubes gives electricians and installers installing large-scale lighting a special opportunity. Even the stubborn entrepreneurs who remain loyal to their fluorescent tubes should finally change their minds. It will be compulsory for everyone to switch to energy-saving LED lighting. And that will require quite a few (experienced) hands. 

Mandatory fluorescent lighting replaced by LED 

Large-scale consumers who wanted to save on energy bills have already long since made the switch to LED fluorescent lighting. But now a second explosive demand for electricians and work lighting installers is arriving in our country. 

Compliance is the key word. Entrepreneurs and organisations in the Netherlands are obliged to go along with the sustainable movements our government is initiating. Company inspectors will no longer settle for the old, energy-guzzling fluorescent tubes. 

The mandatory replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED lighting is expected to generate a lot of work for the electrical engineering sector in the coming years. Installers who can offer entrepreneurs a low-cost alternative in the form of retrofitting (converting existing fluorescent lighting) will more easily win over interested parties. 

Why Deetronix retrofit modules? 

Those who can help entrepreneurs find an affordable strategy to replace fluorescent lighting with high-quality LED lighting have gold in their hands. D-Lighted has developed a unique product with this in mind. 

We have specially designed our new Deetronix LED retrofit modules with a number of unique features. This is just a small selection of the possibilities: 

  • Affordable: By reusing the existing voltage rails, Deetronix retrofit modules can be installed at a relatively low price. This makes it easier to sell to interested parties. 
  • Energy saving: Measurably significant savings in electricity consumption. Compared to the first generation of LED work lights, Deetronix can also deliver major power savings.  
  • Lighting quality: Improve light quality significantly. Up to 80% more light output (fewer light sources needed), choose your own light colour with built-in DIP switch (3000K to 5000K), and never again suffer from long start-up time, annoying flickering or buzzing noise. 
  • Compatibility: Retrofit modules only strike when they are suitable for existing fluorescent luminaires. Deetronix is suitable for all types of linear lighting and all well-known brands, from Regiolux to Philips and from Osram to VEKO. The system is also suitable for both TL-8 and TL-5 fittings and has adjustable end caps (to connect to existing track). 
  • Ease of installation: An individual fluorescent tube can be replaced with a Deetronix LED module in 5 minutes. The whole thing is 'Plug & Play', so to speak. This makes installation scalable and labour costs for the customer can easily be reduced. 
  • Expandable: Suitable for immediate or later expansion with smart sensors such as motion sensors, light sensors, or time switches. Optionally also available with LED dimmer or as emergency version. 
  • Standard compliant: Deetronix modules fully comply with NEN 3140 standards. Unlike VSA rerouting, these retrofit modules do not cause insurance problems and the mandatory CE mark is maintained. 

We connect installers with entrepreneurs 

For the electrical engineering sector, the arrival of new regulations around fluorescent tubes is a great opportunity. A large group of Dutch companies and organisations will switch to energy-efficient LED alternatives in the coming years. Smart hands are needed for that! 

To make the transition to economical LED work lighting easier, it is interesting for installers to consider LED retrofit modules. After all, existing voltage rails are perfectly suited to be used again for LED lighting. This can help potential customers make significant savings. 

The D-Lighted team is ready for installers and electricians who want to roll up their sleeves. We connect professionals with professionals. This makes finding new customers a piece of cake. Interested? Join our free newsletter for more information: