Business LED line lighting: everything you need to know

To achieve an optimal working environment, professional lighting cannot be missing. LED line lighting is one of the most frequently chosen forms of work lighting for entrepreneurs, precisely because of its flexible and energy-efficient nature. 

Whether it's an industrial hall, warehouse, office, showroom, or shop: LED line lighting can in virtually any business environment are applied. The modern lighting provides a calm light image in the workplace and is relatively easy to install. 

In D-Lighted's Deetronix product line, LED line lighting is a common choice. Thanks to the modular nature of Deetronix LED line lighting, the power can be easily adjusted as required. A dimming function and smart lighting control techniques (smart sensors) are also among the options. 

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What exactly is (LED) line lighting? 

LED line lighting is a widely used energy-efficient lighting system suitable for many types of premises. The lighting generally consists of an aluminium tension rail on which various types of luminaires can be mounted. The required cabling is neatly concealed in the rails, creating a sleek and modern look. 

For business use, LED line lighting is a practical, energy-efficient and flexible form of lighting for a wide range of applications. With a focus on easy installation and high light quality, the popular form of lighting makes the working environment both safe and productive. 

In the Deetronix product line, LED line lighting is supplied as a complete 8-wire lighting system including cabling and a voltage rail, replacing the customer's existing lighting installation in its entirety. 

The practicality of Deetronix line lights is the fact that they are fully modular, making them easy to adjust and customise as required. But that is certainly not the only reason why our customers consciously choose LED line lighting. 

Why choose LED line lighting? 

From practice, we at D-Lighted see that our Deetronix LED line lighting is preferred as a business lighting solution for several reasons. Our end users are generally very enthusiastic about the following advantages of this type of work lighting: 

  • High luminous efficacy: With an average of 200 lumens per watt, Deetronix LED line lighting has an exceptionally high efficiency compared to similar lighting. This saves on energy bills (which is also indirectly better for the environment). 
  • Flexible application: Our modular LED line lighting allows customers to easily optimise for the specific environment. These include adjusting the power via a DIP switch, a dimmable DALI 2 version, or the addition of smart sensors (which can further 70% increase efficiency).  
  • Optimal colour reproduction: Realistic colour reproduction and a calm light image make the workplace a productive and pleasant place to be active. The SDCM value for colour quality/temperature deviation is between 2 and 3 (very favourable). 
  • Ease of installation: Several mounting options are possible, mounting is possible via an easy click system. Place line lights suspended from the ceiling, directly from a suspended ceiling, or against a floor.  
  • Long service life: According to independent tests, Deetronix LED line lights can be used for at least more than 54,000 burning hours. A TM21 test protocol was used for this purpose (L90B10 and L80B50). 
  • Low failure rate: With a failure rate of only 10% after 54,000 burning hours, the actual lifetime of Deetronix line lights is often many times longer in practice. The total service life can be stretched even further by the easily replaceable LED driver.   
  • Certification: Deetronix LED line lighting complies with existing laws and regulations (including the NEN3140 standard) and has approvals such as CE, RoHS, TUV, CB, C-TICK, EMC, LVD and ENEC. 

Applications of LED line lighting 

The nice thing about LED line lighting is the fact that this form of lighting can be used in a huge variety of ways. Thanks to the flexible nature of this very complete lighting system, it is very easy to adjust as required. 

But when is it particularly interesting for entrepreneurs or magicians to invest specifically in LED line lighting? In a business context, applications might include one of the following example situations: 

  • In a office line lighting can be used as a general form of lighting in combination with a standard suspended ceiling. It is also good for pendant lighting above an individual workstation. This can help promote concentration and optimise work performance. 
  • In a shop or showroom line lighting can create an inviting atmosphere due to its natural colour rendering. This makes products that are highlighted a lot more attractive to visitors, which can have a positive effect on sales. 
  • In a warehouse or workshop line lighting can provide a productive and safe working environment, where work objects are evenly lit. On work sites, this type of lighting can also contribute to productivity and accuracy of operations, as well as prevent annoying shadowing while working. 
  • In a classroom, auditorium, or gymnasium line lighting can provide an optimal learning environment. The dimming function and light colour can also provide the right atmosphere for pleasant learning without fatigue complaints. Explanations feature bright light with optimum visibility, even at the back of large rooms. 

Deetronix LED line lighting from D-Lighted 

It is clear that the business application possibilities of LED line lighting are almost endless. However, the flexibility and multi-applicability of Deetronix line lighting goes well beyond the applications listed above. 

The wide range of situations in which Deetronix LED line lighting can be used clearly shows where the strength of this solution can be found. Entrepreneurs deliberately knock on our door to install LED line lighting because of its high efficiency, both in use and installation. 

A lighting solution like this is very flexible, which means it can be a suitable form of LED lighting for almost any sector or public space. Therefore, it is not for nothing that D-Lighted's light expets have built up a lot of practical experience in the LED line lighting product category. 

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