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When is LED line lighting used? 

LED line lighting has become a very popular choice among business owners in recent decades. The highly economical form of lighting is the ideal solution for businesses in many different sectors. From warehouses to livestock farms, line lighting with LED technology is used almost everywhere as the ideal solution. 

Generally, LED line lighting is used to illuminate large areas. The best applications include locations such as aisles, large halls, production lines, offices, shops, but also car parks, for example. The benefits of LED line lighting emerge best with large-scale use. 

Large-scale users of fluorescent tubes and similar line lighting would do well to switch to LED line lighting. Especially for their own wallet, but also to ensure high light quality. It is often even possible to replace light sources in existing luminaires directly with LED, a process we also call 'retrofitting'.  

D-Lighted offers entrepreneurs and managers of organisations the opportunity to opt for LED line lighting affordably. Our Deetronix LED modules make it possible to switch to LED light sources very inexpensively. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact one of our lighting experts today (without obligation): 

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What is meant by LED line lighting? 

LED line lighting is a type of lighting with a long, thin profile, in which Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is incorporated for energy-efficient generation of high quality artificial light. Often, several individual LEDs are placed in a configuration. Generally, this involves a single row, double row, or a grid. 

Because line lighting is almost never used as an individual light source, light lines are basically always mounted in a series of similar units. In practice, light lines can therefore be seen on ceilings or walls in long rows, in order to provide the entire room with light in this way. 

Compared to "traditional" line lighting like fluorescent tubes and HPS grow lights, LED line lighting is not so different in practice. Nowadays, there are LED fluorescent tubes and LED grow lights, which as line lighting can take over the role of these classic light systems. 

Sometimes this can even be done without replacing the old luminaire. In many cases, the light source of fluorescent tubes can be replaced 1-to-1 with our Deetronix retrofit LED modules. Large-scale users can thus still experience the benefits of LED line lighting with a relatively small investment. In fact, there are quite a few reasons for business owners to switch to LED line lighting. 

This is why the Netherlands is switching to LED line lighting 

Anyone wanting to provide a large area with high-quality lighting prefers to do so in the most efficient way possible. Both in terms of energy consumption and ease of installation. LED line lighting is the logical solution to both these problems. So it is not surprising that more and more organisations are opting for this sustainable lighting solution. 

These are generally the main reasons for switching to LED line lighting: 

  • Energy saving: A business owner who replaces 100 fluorescent tubes with LED line lighting can potentially save up to 70,000 kWh a year. LED consumes up to 70% less energy than fluorescent lighting. This equates to annual energy savings of almost EUR 30,000. The large energy savings make the switch to LED light lines a logical financial choice. 
  • Lighting quality: Compared to popular alternatives, the quality of LED light is significantly better. LED line lighting guarantees even light distribution, optimum brightness, but also prevents problems such as flickering or production of noise.  
  • Life expectancyLED line lights last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours on average. If lamps are only on during working hours, they last between 15 and 20 years. On average, the service life of an LED light line is 5 times longer than a standard fluorescent tube. 
  • Low-maintenance: After installation, LED light sources require a lot less maintenance than similar line lights. The lifetime is longer and the failure rate is lower than alternatives. Removing dust and dirt is the only relevant maintenance that will be required after installing LED line lights.  
  • Ease of installation: By retrofitting existing fluorescent luminaires, installation of Deetronix LED light line modules can be quick and painless. By opting for retrofitting, installation of LED is as simple as swapping the existing light source. 
  • Automation: LED light sources are very suitable in combination with smart lighting solutions. Think connection to software, remote control, LED dimmers, motion sensors, or, for example, time schedules for energy saving. 
  • Diversity: Compared to other types of line lighting, LED line lighting modules are a lot more diverse. There is a solution for every need. Consider, for instance, the choice of safe ATEX LEDs, specific light colours, or the optional addition of an LED dimmer. 

Smart savings with LED line lighting 

Compared to traditional line lighting like fluorescent tubes or HPS grow lights, LED light lines are more expensive per individual light source. But over the entire lifetime, LED is ultimately cheaper in every possible situation. This is mainly due to two aspects: 

  • Consumption costs: Save up to 70% per individual LED light source. Energy costs for using one LED light line module are therefore many times lower than traditional alternatives. After several years of use, the investment in the relatively more expensive LED light line is therefore recouped (this is possible thanks to the energy savings achieved alone). 
  • Replacement cost: LED light lines last up to 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes. So you also need to buy up to 5 times fewer light sources over the same period. Therefore, multiply the investment cost of one fluorescent tube by a factor of 5 to get a comparable cost figure. 

Economical switch to LED line lighting 

Because LED line lighting has minimal consumption costs, is easy to (de-)install, but above all also very long-lasting, it is the perfect way to efficiently light large indoor spaces. With Deetronix light line modules, it also becomes an affordable choice. 

Many entrepreneurs work on a limited budget for fixed expenses such as lighting. At D-Lighted, we have therefore developed Deetronix retrofit LED modules. By opting for retrofitting, it is possible to switch to LED line lighting at minimal cost. This is possible by installing the new LED modules in the existing fluorescent luminaires. 

D-Lighted's professional lighting team thus makes LED light lines accessible to the largest possible target group. A technician is basically not required for installation, Deetronix LED modules are completely Plug & Play. They are suitable for any common form of fluorescent tube lighting and line lighting, from Philips to Regiolux and from VEKO to Zumbotel. 

Does switching to LED line lighting sound like a logical choice for your organisation? For large bulk orders, please contact D-lighted's lighting team today with no obligation. Of course, interested parties with specific questions are also welcome to get in touch. Ordering our Deetronix LED light line modules directly is possible using the button below: 

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