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How to avoid shadow spots in a workshop?

Poor lighting can cause a workspace to be insufficiently bright. This can have a negative effect on productivity, but also on the working atmosphere within a company. Those who want to avoid shadow spots in a workplace should preferably adjust LED lighting. 

The best way to avoid shadows in a work area is to spread lighting evenly throughout the workshop. To do this, use several lights on the ceiling or wall, placed at different heights. Choose LED lamps and luminaires that guarantee optimal light distribution. 

In a workshop without shadow areas, both general lighting and specific task lighting are commonly used. Whereas general lighting distributes light evenly throughout the workshop, task lighting with higher brightness and focus can assist in lighting out workstations. 

Preferably replace all current 'classic' fluorescent tubes and line lighting for high-quality LED light sources. D-Lighted makes switching to LED technology easy with Deetronix LED retrofit modules. Old light sources are hereby directly exchanged for modern, economical LED line lighting. Take a look at our current range immediately and opt for optimum task lighting: 

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The problem with shade in the workplace 

Good lighting in the workplace is a basic need for employees. Those who work in the dark make mistakes. Or simply cannot see what he or she is doing. Moreover, sufficient working light also has a major impact on the energy level of the person working. 

Entrepreneurs do not always realise it, but a workplace that is too dark will simply have a negative impact on the company's turnover. Shaded areas in the workplace have the following negative effects in particular in practice: 

  • Safety risk: When the working environment is poorly lit, the risk of accidents is a lot higher. This is mainly due to the fact that the environment is simply less visible. People who work with moving machinery, tools, chemicals, or moving vehicles will face the greatest safety risks from this. For them, it can be vital to avoid shaded areas. 
  • Reduced productivity: Working accurately will be very difficult for workers who are bothered by their own shadows. Especially in precise tasks where high accuracy is required, the negative impact of shadow spots while working will cause errors. When workers start making mistakes, the overall production process slows down, which can eventually cause delays. 
  • Greater risk of fatigue: Working in bright daylight is the optimal way to increase productivity in many situations. Those who start work in relatively dark environments, such as a work environment with shaded areas, are much more likely to have problems related to issues such as concentration and fatigue. 

Guarantee even light distribution 

Even distribution of light is the most important strategy to prevent shadows from being a problem in the workplace. There are several ways to achieve this. We discuss the main three methods below: 

  1. Use a mix of both task lighting and general lighting 
  1. Opt for sufficient LED light sources of professional quality 
  1. Ensure strategic placement of light sources 

Task lighting vs general lighting 

By using a mix of general lighting and task lighting, shadow spots are easier to avoid. Whereas task lighting provides focused lighting in specific work areas or workstations, general LED lighting will mainly be for lighting out the entire workspace. 

Distinguishing between task lighting and general work lighting is mainly essential to prevent employees from working in their own shadows. Task lighting provides the extra brightness needed to avoid shadow problems during precise work. 

Sufficient high-quality LED light sources 

Is there excessive shadowing from lighting in a workspace? Then chances are that there are simply too few individual light sources in the room. Make use of a lighting plan to provide the room with sufficient light sources. 

Preferably switch to modern high-quality LED line lights as much as possible. It is possible to reuse existing fluorescent luminaires (used for fluorescent tubes) for LED light lines. These guarantee better brightness, which should further help prevent shadowing. 

Our Deetronix LED modules give business owners the chance to use professional LED technology for a relatively low investment. Move away from old fluorescent tubes and notice the difference in brightness when switching to Deetronix LED lighting. 

LED lighting strategically placed 

Besides LED lighting with sufficient brightness and a distinction between task lighting and general lighting, the picture is not yet complete. Those who want to completely eliminate shadow spots from the working environment do so by drawing up a software-based lighting plan. 

This can help identify the right mounting locations for LED light sources. Opt for mounting at different heights on the ceiling and walls, but also strategically place task lighting in areas where precise work is most intensively performed. 

Ask D-Lighted's lighting team about the options around drawing up a professional lighting plan for our Deetronix LED light modules. Our lighting experts are happy to help provide personalised advice to streamline the placement of work lighting. As a result, nothing is left to chance and shadowing problems are a thing of the past. 

Affordable switch to efficient LED work light 

Shading in the workplace is an underestimated problem. Without business owners thinking about it, poor lighting and too much shadow can cause problems in the workplace. Shaded areas can be the cause of reduced productivity, increased employee fatigue, but it can also increase safety risks. 

Therefore, prevent inadequate lighting in a workshop. Inspect the existing lighting situation and draw up a professional lighting plan to quickly eliminate shadowing problems. 

It is important here to distinguish between task lighting and general lighting, but also by placing sufficient high-quality LED light sources in strategic places. Use lamps at different heights, strategically placed LED light lines and extra bright light sources for task lighting. 

Switch to high-quality LED modules to stay ahead of shadow problems once and for all. Affordably switching from fluorescent tubes to LED is possible with our Deetronix light modules. With these, you can reuse existing fluorescent luminaires once more, but still help eliminate shadow problems. 

Ask us (without any obligation) about the possibilities, or view the Deetronix LED modules directly: 

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