Sustainable LED line lighting: choose circular retrofit modules 

Making the lighting in a company more sustainable, no entrepreneur will have anything against it.

Until the time comes when hefty costs are involved. Investing in a new LED line lighting installation can then suddenly be a big barrier.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Retrofitting existing light lines makes it possible to realise sustainable LED line lighting in a financially attractive way.

With our Deetronix LED retrofit modules, it is possible to reuse existing voltage rails, an attractive circular solution. 

The 'retrofitting' concept combines the best of both worlds, without having to compromise on lighting quality.

It is cheaper than investing in completely new LED line lighting, while also being more sustainable due to the circular aspect.

Moreover, it makes installations easier, which helps reduce investment costs further. 

Also start retrofitting existing line lighting?

Deetronix LED retrofit modules from D-Lighted are attractive for replacing classic line lighting as well as for replacing older generations of LED line lighting.

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Making LED line lighting more sustainable 

Line lighting is the ideal way to provide large areas with adequate lighting.

Over the years, however, the world of lighting technology has not stood still.

The efficiency of work lighting has greatly improved in a few decades. But the light quality of modern line lighting is also noticeably better today. 

By all accounts, this makes it attractive for business owners to replace their old line lighting with modern, sustainable LED line lighting. However, making this move is not entirely without practical obstacles. 

Recycling old lighting systems is not only a costly and labour-intensive solution, but it is also one that is bad for the environment.

Indeed, in many cases, the existing voltage rail from the old line lighting will still be perfectly usable again.

Installing retrofit modules makes it easier and more sustainable to make the switch. 

Retrofit LED modules: A circular solution 

Line replacement in a sustainable way can be solved with retrofitting in a 'circular' way, so to speak.

Existing parts of the lighting already installed are cleverly repurposed for a sustainable retrofit lighting module. 

Whereas traditional products are mainly used in a 'linear' way, the 'circular' approach is a lot more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To clarify, we briefly explain the main distinction between these two terms below: 

  • Linear product cycle:

    Raw materials are extracted, processed into products (such as lighting), these products are used and, at the end of their life, discarded as waste. In this cycle, raw materials are depleted, the environment polluted and the climate stressed. 
  • Circular product cycle:

    Raw materials are extracted, processed into products that can be given a second life after their end of life (through disassembly, recycling, or reuse), after which the products do not have to be turned into waste. In this cycle, the overall need for raw materials decreases and the environment (and climate) is less affected.  

Reusing existing voltage rails 

By choosing retrofit LED modules for line lighting, it becomes possible to reuse the existing voltage rails (which are already installed in the working environment) in the new situation. 

This voltage rail is given a second life, so to speak. If retrofitting is done with Deetronix LED retrofit modules, this can also be done without getting into trouble with the NEN 3140 inspection.

So in terms of safety and regulations, this need not pose any problems at all. 

Reusing the existing tension rails has several practical advantages: 

  • Cheaper: Unlike replacing the entire LED light line, the voltage rails do not have to be dismantled and replaced with new parts. This saves considerably in material and installation costs. 
  • Sustainable: As no new voltage rails need to be purchased, both material extraction, production, and recycling of the old voltage rails are avoided.  
  • Ease of installation: Retrofitting with Deetronix LED retro modules takes an average of 3 minutes per luminaire. Mounting clips are placed at universal position and therefore suitable for almost every common brand of voltage rail, for both TL-8 and TL-5 versions.  
  • Energy-efficient: Retrofit LED modules as in the Deetronix product line make it possible to achieve large savings in energy consumption. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of LED fluorescent lighting. The easy addition of smart sensors maximises these savings. 
  • Lifetime: Giving existing voltage rails a second life can significantly extend the use of these parts for work lighting. As mentioned earlier, this reduces (dis)assembly costs and any costs for recycling old parts. 

Optimising with smart sensors 

However, the environmental benefits do not stop with choosing retrofit modules over a completely new LED Line Lighting installation.

In fact, even greater energy savings can be achieved by choosing Deetronix LED retrofit modules. 

Deetronix retro modules will make it a lot easier to make an existing installation easily 'smart'.

Indeed, it is possible to add (optional) motion sensors or daylight sensors quickly and easily. 

The sensor-ready functionality, which our Deetronix modules possess, this allows users to save an additional 70% or more in energy. This is in addition to the already huge savings from modern LED technology. 

Increasingly, environmental services are asking entrepreneurs to use these kinds of smart sensors.

It is therefore important to participate in this new 'sustainable lighting revolution' today. A decision that the additional savings will make a logical step anyway. 

Getting started with Deetronix LED retrofit modules 

Making work lighting more sustainable does not have to be a huge investment.

Energy efficiency can be achieved by retaining the existing voltage rails for lighting, so installation and energy consumption costs will both be low. 

For companies, choosing a product like Deetronix LED retrofit modules is therefore a win-win situation. Savings are made in the wallet, but the environment is also helped by choosing an efficient installation process like retrofitting. 

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